We think about you, your needs, and what the furniture market offers you.
There is always a limited choice between the possible finishes of a piece of furniture if it comes from a furniture brand. The available finishes may not be suitable for what you are looking for, the style or colour palette of your home.
This is why we have thought of doing something different, which makes our customers more satisfied and participate in the decisions of the brand.
Our brand does not want you to have to adapt to our choices, but rather, that you have a voice as the most important person to us.
We have decided to take a different path from the standard for these reasons. Neutral colours will always be available, but ...
We present “Colour of the month,” a way to let us know the colours you would like to be available.
Our design is based on dynamism, and thanks to our interchangeable panels, we want you to be free to use new colours in the rooms of your home, obviously in a sustainable way, without throwing away the entire piece of furniture when you feel like redecorating.
We couldn’t decide which colours would be most appreciated, because each has our own style and different tastes.
With “Colour of the month,” we want you to decide every month among the various colour alternatives which would be the one you would like to see available for the following month.
Every month, thanks to social media, we will present a series of colours, and the colour that will receive the most votes will be the one that will then be available for the limited time of one month on our online shop.
If you would like to propose a colour that we will then put among those to vote for, please write to us on social media or via email.

"There is a reason we don't see the world in black and white." – Celerie Kemble